Latest Social Media Trends To run the show in 2017

Latest Social Media Trends

We are living in a social media dominated world where businesses and marketers are reaping maximum benefits of it. The changes and trends in social media will have great impact on how the businesses and marketers conduct social media marketing in the coming year. There is no dearth of changes and trends to social media in the year 2016, which included consumer preferences, new features and brand opportunities. Looking forward to 2017, Latest Social Media Trends will continue to evolve and amaze all marketers out there.

Although it is not possible to predict how the social media landscape will trend and change in the coming months of 2017, below are some of the popular Social Media Trends that all social media marketers need to keep an eye on in 2017.

Latest Social Media Trends

Facial Filters on Instagram and Facebook

There is no hidden fact that both Instagram and Facebook have already copied some of innovative concepts of Snapchat. From disappearing messages to memories, these social media giants have copied nearly every good concept that Snapchat has launched. In the coming year, avid users of these social media platforms will avail the feature of facial filters which is also known as artificial intelligence lenses and this will soon become an effective marketing scheme for all social media marketers in 2017.

Latest Social Media Trends

Increased Customer Service Chatbots in 2017

Customer service is crucial for every business which can make or break a business. Automation is becoming feasible option for customer service and companies are now turning to chatbots to address the heavy lifting for them. This advanced technology is likely to integrate into the social media platforms to handle the load of all users. So, you can expect to have chatbots as a staple of customer service in the year 2017.

Focuses Towards Business Analytics and Features

All social media platforms have already passed the days of solely focusing on the needs of individual users. They are now shifting their attention gradually towards business promotion from everyday people that use it. According to surveys, 36% of businesses are using social media analytics compared to other competitor analysis. So, improved business features and analytic tools are one of the latest Social Media Trends you are going to have in 2017, thereby paving pathways for more targeted social media marketing.

Social Shopping and Instant Buying

Online shopping is not fading away soon. Since people prefer buying commodities online through different ecommerce websites, the social media platforms are now integrating marketplaces on their sites for social shopping and instant purchasing online. The social platforms will now allow its users to buy things easily from companies via their sites. This is one of the latest Social Media Trends in 2017 that is likely to skyrocket and become the most feasible means of buying online.

For more such updates about upcoming Social Media Trends, go online and browse the websites providing latest and predicted trends of social media in 2017 and in coming years to help design your campaigns and marketing strategies accordingly.