The Leading Travel Affiliate Programs for All Traveler Bloggers

Travel Affiliate

The travel industry is flourishing a rapid pace, with people traveling across the globe either for business or pleasure. What many of these travelers don’t realize is the fact that there many benefits which they can enjoy simply by joining Travel Affiliate Programs. There are a variety of travel affiliate networks which you can join as a travel blogger or affiliate and each network has their own set of commissions and offers. It is a smart move for all travel bloggers and affiliates to join best affiliate programs in travel niche and start promoting them to earn handsome income every month.

Travel Affiliate

Best Travel affiliate program relevant to travel niche Affiliate Program

It is the familiar name in travel industry that is acclaimed for its payouts and offers. has an affiliate partner program open for all with a website or a blog, travel agency or an app. As long as you can promote the website and provide best accommodations to travelers, this would be the best Travel Affiliate Programs for you indeed.


  • No signup fee
  • Easy signup
  • Offers search box, banner integration options and deep linking
  • Minimum payout of 100 pounds
  • Integration of’s search box on WordPress is allowed

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner offers one of the best Travel Affiliate Programs today that attract many travel bloggers and affiliates. It offers a variety of options for travel blogs. The one you would like to start with is the Travel Widget. You can use it either on the sidebar or on your blog where there is more likely to have users to take actions. The widget will redirect the customers to the website of Skyscanner. For more advanced use and promotion, you can use Skyscanner Travel API to build own search functionality on your mobile app or website.


  • It offers white labels solutions
  • It has popular Travel Affiliate Program APIs
  • Booking of flights through widgets from your sidebar
  • It supports bookings of hotels, flights, and rental cars

TravelAdvisor Affiliate Program

While planning a trip, most of the vacationers prefer checking the reviews, reservations and recommendations on So, its largest Travel Affiliate Programs can prove to be valuable for affiliates as they can easily source content from their website and redirect the readers to original content via tracking link.


  • Monthly Payouts
  • Deep Linking to more than 500,000 hotels and cities
  • 50% commission
  • Tiered commission structure

Agoda Affiliate Program

With more than quarter million assets, Agoda deserves to be on the mega list of travel affiliate networks and programs. The in-house affiliate programs for travel niche are open for all, but it is obligatory to have a blog or website to join the program. Approval is done manually, and it takes hardly 72 hours.


  • 60% of commission on margin
  • Affiliate can use hotel power ads to enhance their review by three times
  • Minimum payouts $200
  • It offers text links, search box and data feeds