An Analysis into the Positive Impact of Social Media to Human Life!

Social Media

What do the majority of us do after we come back home from the daily grind of office hours? Or what do we think of doing while we have some spare time left by our side? Possibly, we take down our smartphones to check our social networking accounts and dive into the world of virtual friendships!! Clearly, there has to be something peculiar about them making us get addicted to them so easily? Before we delve deeper into analyzing what influence social media has brought to our lives, we begin with analyzing the positive effects of social media in the present world of competition and growing insecurities.

Analyzing the positive effects of social media

Data transmission

There is a room of functions that social networking allows people to do. Data communication and information sharing being the most common one! Whether it’s a simple piece of the picture, a doc file, a song or a multimedia video clip, you have the liberty to spread any information around using social media.

Let’s you expand your social circle

While we are bundled with lots of responsibilities, we do crave for a company to vent out, to distract from the daily stress and look out for someone to confide. Online communication done via social media is a good way to initiate a conversation with people you might feel hesitant talking face to face. You can easily get to know about the person with little time and commitment involved.

Overcomes the Distance Barriers

While sitting in one part of the world, you can feel connected to a person sitting in another remote corner. Such is the power of social media that overcomes away all the distance barriers letting you share and communicate with your long distance family friends and relatives. People tend to congratulate or wish each other via video chats and live communication, something that we could have never thought of a decade ago!

Social Media

Let’s you go away with insecurities

The fear of rejection can prevent us from initiating a communication with any person in our daily life. But such issues go away when it comes to online chatting. With lesser personalisation involved, it makes easy to approach people through online sites without fearing about rejection issues.


With increasing use of web and internet to meet our daily needs, human dependence on gadgets has grown a lot in recent years. Use of social networking sites has witnessed an immense growth in past years. The Internet has also become a tool to find a life partner. The idea seems surprising but coming up of online dating platforms like Tinder has revolutionized the concept of dating in modern times. And, all thanks goes to social media!!

Like it is said, there are two sides to every coin; social media is no exception out there. Every man made thing comes with its set of pros and cons; it is upon us how we channelize and adapt our self to focus on the positives and minimize the negatives. Despite the downsides, social media has a significant role to play in different aspects of our life and is undoubtedly a power tool that has brought about a dramatic change to humanity.