Predicting Social Media trends for 2017

Social Media trends

While the social trends refer to the activities that are undertaken by the society as a whole, the social media trends relate to the activities that are widely popular on social media. However, these trends can be either long lasting or short lived. With the social media dominating the marketing and the business world alike, both the businesses and marketers are focusing on them for maximum results.

The popularity of social media has been on a constant rise, especially in the last few years. Facebook is the clear leader with around 1.79 billion users monthly in just the third quarter of 2016 followed by 1.3 billion active users of Youtube. This popularity of social media makes it clear that the trend is here to stay and the businesses must know how to use them to their advantage.

Top 5 Social Media Trends predicted for 2017

  1. Social Messaging

An absorbing trend that has been noticed is that people are more drawn towards private social messaging as compared to the social media. This can be further clarified with the fact that WhatsApp has already reached the 1 billion user mark in February 2016. The year 2017 will see more and more companies investing in social message applications than social media. This is the future of e-commerce.

  1. Snapping the problem of ‘fake news.’

‘Fake News’ had almost become a trend in social media in 2016 and was certainly a huge problem as well. With its popularity, the search engines also had to bear the brunt of this issue since fake news is often sought for, which increases the traffic and thus improves their ranking on the result page as well. This makes it a little difficult to tackle this problem, which means we are certainly going to see more of this social media trends in 2017 as well.

  1. Live Videos

Live Videos is another trend that took off with a bang in 2016, but it certainly has a long way to go still. Social media seems to be taking advantage of this trend with Facebook live, and Youtube live already doing popular rounds. This feature can be used by businesses to raise awareness of and promote their brands. A 4-hour video can be streamed to groups or event listings which make the task easier.

Social Media trends

  1. Artificial intelligence

Every business aims at enhancing their customer’s experiences, and artificial intelligence does just that. The trend of people talking to faceless machines seems to be redefining the way a customer is handled. Answering customer’s queries and having a sales executive available 24X7 to speak to the customers is a trend that is surely a super hit and the investment in AI is bound to rise.

  1. Rising Social media advertising

The upcoming year will see an increase in paid social media advertising. Since the social media gives more importance to personal posts of friends and family, if the businesses want their page to be seen, they will have to revert to paid social media marketing.