The relative advantages and disadvantages of Social media

advantages and disadvantages of social media

With the advancement in technology, we are latterly introduced to social media, and with its introduction, there has been a constant debate about its relative advantages and disadvantages. There are as numerous discussions about the subject as are the number of users of social media themselves. While we all enjoy the improved connectivity with friends and family that stay far away from us, we also lament the loss of personal connections in the real world. Cyber stalking, hacking and privacy concerns have always been synonymous with social media.

Relative Advantages and Disadvantages of social media

Advantages of Social Media

  1.  People stay connected

The best thing about social media is also its main objective to connect people around the world. It is a unique platform to share photos, special events and general interests with everyone. It is a great medium to meet your old friends, wherever in the world they are.

  1. Discovering people and communities having similar interests

With social media, you do not only meet the people you know but also individuals who are complete strangers but have similar common interests as yourself. Online dating and marriages through social media are commonly heard of today.

  1. Best marketing tool

Reaching out to so many people at the same time was never more so easy. Companies, brands, and artists have taken up this unique way of marketing their products and work.

  1. An incredibly fast way of sharing data or information

Whether it is breaking news, a major event or a piece of information, if you want to share it with masses as fast as you can, social media is just the right platform.

  1. Helps to solve cases

There have been several times when the information or the pictures posted on social sites have worked as significant evidence, and many cases have been answered.

advantages and disadvantages of social media

Disadvantages of social media

  1. Spreads rumors

Just as fast as it spreads meaningful information, the social media also spreads rumors like wildfire. That frequently creates confusion, panic and leads to a misinformed public.

  1. Results in relationship issues

While everything might look hunky-dory on these social sites, the truth is always something else. The statistics have to say that there is an increase in the number of depression cases and more and more relationships are suffering.

  1. Results in cyber bullying

Often common in the young users, cyber bullying is as bad as it can get. That also brings out the negative traits of human beings to be seen by the world.

  1. Is addictive

Probably the most primary concern of using social media is how addictive its users can get with it. More and more people are getting hooked to social sites like Facebook, snap chat, Instagram and WhatsApp and spending endless hours at them. Unfortunately, all that time is unproductive and does not do much good to anyone.

Like any other thing, there are advantages and disadvantages of social media as well. How much we gain or lose from it is something we have to decide.