How to Send Bulk Emails Using Gmail

Send Bulk Emails Using Gmail

Contact groups of Gmail are the revolutionary way to send single email message to specific set of people, but what if you need to send emails in bulk to multiple contacts with personal touch, like with a promotional offer or newsletter? Unlike Microsoft Outlook, the productivity suite of Google doesn’t comprise local mail-merge feature to leverage you to send bulk emails for promotion or email marketing. But don’t panic as with little help from free downloadable script and Google Sheets, you can easily personalize and send bulk email messages through Gmail Account in minutes. Below you will come across with few tips on How to Send Bulk Emails using Gmail.

Although you can send bulk emails using Gmail, but you need to be aware of its limits and privacy expectations of people. Using Blind Carbon Copy or BCC to protect recipient’s privacy and using Google contact groups to manage list of recipients or HHusing a spreadsheet mail merge tool can help you send bulk emails using Gmail.

Send Bulk Emails Using Gmail

BCC or Blind Carbon Copy for Privacy

The simplest way to send bulk emails using Gmail is to add all the recipient’s email addresses into usual compose interface, either by manually typing or copying and pasting it from Gmail Contacts. Although you can add them in regular “To” line, but to protect the privacy of recipients it is suggested to add the email addresses in BCC column. This will help you to send bulk number of messages to multiple recipients at a time, while protecting their privacy and preventing you from becoming a spammer.

Send Bulk Emails Using Gmail

Contact Groups

If you frequently send promotional emails or newsletters to a specific group of people, then it is better to organize the email addresses of such people into Contact Groups which you can add to the address bar while sending bulk messages with on click. To create the Contact Group you need to follow the below steps.

  • To create contact group you need to visit the Google Contacts Page and click the Groups button available there and again click the New Group button
  • On the same page you will find Add Person button which you need to click to add more contacts into the group.
  • To send bulk emails of promotional offers and newsletter, you simply need to click the Email Group button and send emails to all the members included in the group
Mail Merge

If you have stored the list of people in a spreadsheet instead of Google Group Contacts or want to add a bit of personalization like including titles of people or editing other information in each mail, then it is viable to make use of mail merge tool always. However, the limit to send bulk messages through Mail Merge is only 100 recipients per day. But more advanced users can seek help of tutorials by Google on How to Send Bulk Emails and build own custom mail merge tool using Gmail and Google Sheets.