Social Media – its advantages and its disadvantages

Social Media

What is Social Media? Before knowing the answer to the question, it is important to grasp the concept of the Social Networking and its purpose, the role it plays and the impact of the same on the lives of people in the day-today world. Social Networking is a more generalized concept that has evolved gradually from the technology wherein people get to create their identity on a social platform to build connections among people from around the globe. Business relationships and their negotiations can be made through Social Networking Sites.

Social networking can be put as grouping every individual into specific groups. It is also the practice of expanding one’s business into some businesses; people come on an online platform to create a friendship with other people and also for business purpose relationships. This platform can also be utilized to acquire acquaintances from various places around the world. Lead generation websites and eCommerce websites have the potential powers to change the existing trends in this industry and blueprint the patterns that could occur according to their convenience and their profits.

 Social media advantages

  • A long time ago news wasn’t able to be conveyed to faraway places. There were no sources to carry news ‘Out There.’ But with the advent of technology, a lot has changed over the years for good as news can now be sent with the tip of fingers thanks to Social Media.
  • To meet new people and to interact with people, Social Media is a fantastic place to do so. People build a strong friendship and eventually to a relationship. There are advanced search tools designed to get you closer to people near home.
  • Making friends in real life was never easy until the advent of the Almighty Social Networking sites. We get the opportunity to make new friends hence growing your circle round the planet.
  • Taking into account the time we have got to pull off our work is very less that we could have got no time for our beloved ones and even to our employer but thanks to the Social Media our messages can be conveyed in split seconds to whomsoever concerned.
  • Suppose you have a product launched in the market and you want the feedback of the product, getting onto your Social Media platform you could link people and your connections to give you opinion about your product
  • Research has proved that more than two-thirds of people under 40 have their total dependencies online for a product’s trustworthiness, reviews, and their dependency levels.
  • You could answer to interactive people on Social Media and ask questions in the near-real-time which when done consistently brings you traffic to your website.

Social Media

Social media disadvantages

  • Social Media is a good servant but a bad master. If you get addicted to Social Media, it is always going to be lame try to try getting out of it. It is as addictive as cigarette and alcohol.
  • When we sign up to certain websites so that they provide us their services, it’s found that most of these sites misuse their customers’ data for illegal purposes. By doing so, the data get revealed to the public.
  • Many people misuse the service by making fake accounts with entirely different personality and hurting people. That makes an emotional loss. Be careful before trying out with any person on such public platforms.
  • Harassment is one of the big disadvantages occurring on Social Networking Sites. People post offensive comments on Social Networking Sites abusing one another in a way that is so cheap and inhuman. That is nothing but harassment to people and creates a lot of negativity.