Social Media strategy – Tips and Tricks to get it right

Social Media strategy

Social media seems to be a simple answer to many questions today. And with so much competition around, everybody is trying to make the best use of this great, innovative marketing tool for their businesses or services. But to make sure that you benefit from it, will depend on the social media strategy you use.

What is Social media strategy?

Simply explained, a strategy that one uses to benefit from social media is called a social media strategy. It must consider a few factors like:

  1. Understanding your desired objective
  2. Identifying your customers
  3. Recognizing your competition
  4. Tracking what your competition is doing

For instance, a strategy used in advertising or online broadcasting will focus on how a message should be delivered to the target consumer.

Tips to build the right social media strategy

Once you are clear with your objective; have identified your customers or your niche market; your competition and what they are doing, all you need are a few tips to get your social media strategies in place.

  1. Recognizing your goals

Like any other business plan, with social media also you need to be clear about your objectives and targets so you can work in that direction. Whether it is increasing sales of your product, promoting it, raise awareness about an issue or to increase the traffic to your website, you should identify it and work towards achieving it.

  1. Make S.M.A.R.T objectives

Once you have your goals set right, you will need SMART objectives to achieve those goals, i.e. your objective should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. It is important for goals to be clear, measurable and time-bound. All these make them achievable, or else they are just wishful thinking. The objectives must also be directly related to the goals.

Social Media strategy

  1. Identify your customers

Do you know for whom you are doing all this? It is vital to identify your customers, for it is them who you are looking to impress. You must know everything about your potential customer, their age group, their income, their preferences, likes, and dislikes. If you have the right message to convey, make sure you also convey it to the right people.

  1. Recognizing competition

It is vital to identify your competition in the market, not just o compete with them but also to learn from them, it can also be their mistakes!

  1. Developing messages

             It’s time to draw up a message that will echo your brand voice. Try and be creative and unique, it is always a good idea to get ideas from your competitors as well but does not forget to innovate and create.

  1. Choose the right platforms

              It is neither wise nor right to use all the social media platforms for your message. Depending on your target audience, and the nature of your product or service, you must choose the right one.

              It ends with creating engaging content that precisely delivers your message. Use all the methods to make your content impressive and efficient and keep updating it regularly on the media channels.