Trends in the recent Social Media


What is Social Media and how does that makes it different from Social Networking? Social Media is no different from the Social Networking. In fact, Social Media is yet another form of Social Networking, wherein it allows people to get connected virtually on an online platform without worrying about the distance between them. Social Media is an online platform. A website or a site wherein the registered users avail the facilities of connecting to people, sharing of pictures and videos or any updates and participate in the Social Networking. Trends refers to something that a lot of people on the web overall do. Trends are created by none other than all-time greatest virtual compression made by ‘The Social Media.’ Trends can be either short-lived or for long.

Social Media Trends

  • The Social Media video and images uploading platform Snapchat has this unique feature of uploading the picture and the video and the people connected with can watch it only once and that too only for a few seconds unless you are lucky enough to get yourself a screenshot. The various image processing techniques wherein you animate yourself into animals, and such kind of crazy stuff is getting so trendy nowadays.
  • People make crazy videos of themselves or people and would love to talk about any random conversations that attract the youth on topics like ‘Would you like to kiss a man or a boy? ‘Do girls have sexual excitement more than boys?’, ‘How to spot a person?’ and much more like these that have more of the fun making that of any real informative content.
  • The help of people near the crime scene who could verify can easily track down crackdown of counterfeit news or fake news on the internet on the news.
  • The ‘Live video’ feature coming up in the Facebook Social Media is one of the top trending activities on the web. Almost every event has a live telecast on the Social Media so that people far away could watch it virtually.


  • Since the Social Media has created an incredible impact on the lives of people and the popularity it has gained, there is a considerable increase in the pay for Social Media Marketing.
  • Social commerce is a part of the commerce of the Social Media that supports online social interaction and the e-commerce. Social commerce uses Social Networks in electronic commerce transactions’ context.
  • The ‘buy’ option in the Social Media is yet another trend. The Social Media that was once used only for people to connect and interact with one another is now getting on itself the ‘buy’ feature. Top Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Pinterest included this feature, which has a potential scope for Social Media Marketing.
  • Privacy concern is the all-time worry for all users that they are private on Social Networks. Snapchat has got a sudden blast in getting customers because it has equipped itself with high security.