What is E Marketing: A Complete Overview


By the very definition, E-Marketing is a range of techniques or methodologies used to promote and sell products and services both offline and online. People wondering to know What is E-Marketing must not confuse it with Email marketing which is entirely a different concept. E-Marketing is online marketing done by businesses through their websites and other online tools and resources to promote and sell their goods and services virtually. E-Marketing may also include paid services and other methods that are almost free. A variety of Electronic Marketing techniques is available at your disposal including blogs, SMS/Text messaging, direct email, videos, banners, web page, ads, images, search engines, social media and much more.

E-Marketing Vs. Online Marketing

In reality, there is no such difference between E-Marketing and Online Marketing as both the methods embrace the similar methodologies. Electronic Marketing followed the same principles of conventional marketing and translated it to the virtual world. The only advantage is that the interference of virtual world removes the geographical boundaries and limitation which is involved with traditional media marketing.


E-Marketing can virtually take any form and keeps on developing new creativity and innovations always. The most common methodologies of E-Marketing include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • CPM-Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Banner Ads
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Principles of E-Marketing

As already mentioned, Electronic Marketing embraces most of the common principles of traditional marketing with some differentiating aspects. The outcomes of Electronic Marketing can be quantified, thereby enabling the marketers to work efficiently, create more return on investments and increasing profitability of businesses. With well-planned E-Marketing strategy, businesses can achieve more affordable customer acquisition compared to conventional marketing. The reach of E-Marketing campaigns leads to substantial incremental sales online, while keeping the other marketing efforts intact.

Benefits of E-Marketing

  • Increased Audience and Reach – Geographical boundaries often prove to be irrelevant via Electronic Marketing. The use of virtual world makes it easier and faster for business to promote their products and services to global customers, regardless of their geographical locations. This increases audience and reaches of the business.
  • New Way of Marketing – Electronic Marketing embraces the routes to market that are now possible with conventional marketing. Now you are no longer required to depend on advertisements done via search engines and broadcast email shots. Viral marketing, social networking and other methods exclusive to online arena offer you access to groups of customers that were once unapproachable for your business.
  • Full Accountability – With Electronic Marketing you would have full responsibility for its outcomes. The activities done online are now trackable, and it can precisely show you your ROI. So, now you can see the value of single penny spend on Electronic Marketing campaigns.

Whether you call it by the name of Electronic Marketing or Online Marketing or Online Advertising, one thing is clear that it is one of the marketing methodologies for business to promote their goods and products using different online marketing tools and resources.